ChaiMager is an app created to help everyone who forgets the charachters´names. Our brain can easily identify faces, but that does not work that well when talking about the names. No Human can remember that carachter that appeared once 7 chapters before. The purpose of this tool is to help you in your book reading adventure. If you read in PDF, then you can use the app and add an image (the main goal is to help light novel readers, since they bring images of the charachters, but you can use it in all books you want) and color for each name. When that name appears in a page, the image will be added next to it, on the borders of the page, making it easier to relate.


I do not mantain this app by me anymore. If you would like to keep it going, or need the source code feel free to contact me.


Beta 0.2

Release date: 23/10/2020

Supported filetypes (for now): PDF

Added the possibility to create .cm files and export them so you can save your work or share it with your friends, without directly share the PDF file. All the images, names and colors will be saved on a file that can be opened using the "Inport CM File" button.

A new interface with nicer buttons and layout.

Fixed bug of bad quality images. Now they are all just perfect.

Fixed bug of reapering images randomly when starting a new file.

Fixed less important bugs (and added some more to fix later).

All the other features from version 0.1

Snapshot creating the PDF from "Isekai wa smartphone" novel in Beta 0.2


Beta 0.1

Release date: 21/9/2020

Download the old 0.1 version


Supported filetypes (for now): PDF

Max number of charachters: 18

Change the size and position of the images

   Preview the page you want using the Test button in order to generate only the page you are seeing. Press Process! to generate the final PDF

Snapshot creating the PDF from "Isekai wa smartphone" novel in Beta 0.1

Snapshot creating the PDF from "Isekai wa smartphone" novel - The Preview file from Beta 0.1


Want to contact me?

Send me a message via my Reddit account u/michaelangelito