Hi there!

I am Valentino, a portuguese student, developer, maker, and artist.

And yeah, I know, its a lot of stuff.

If you landed here it (probably) means you are interested in something I made, so let me introduce myself: I am Valentino C., currently a student attending a random college located in Portugal. I love building new software, as you will find out, but also have an interest in electronics and science (you know, just science at its purest definition). I describe myself as a maker and thinker, and problem solving in on my list. My toolbox is interesting, so I invite you to scroll down by my website. If you only want my curriculum, here it is, but only in Portuguese: curriculum.

Important things I Can Do

Here is the tools I use (or that I already used in my lifetime to build something). Its not an extensive list, but it gives you an impression of what I am capable of doing.

  • Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap
  • React, React-Native and Node.js
  • Webscrapping and APIs
  • Git for version control, and Bash
  • Django for full stack
  • Microsoft Office and some design tools

Useless stuff I have also done

Some other particular habilites that come from my hobbies and practice, but no one is interested in.

  • Radio (RTL-SDR, RadioAstronomy, but no Ham licence for now)
  • Reddit and discord bots
  • Some basic circuits and arduino
  • Krita for some digital painting

A Few Accomplishments

Here is some projects I have been making. The first ones are more tech and profissionally oriented, while the others are more towards science things and DIY projects that I like to build.


An app built fully in python with Tkinter for the GUI. It allows a user to modify automatically a PDF, adding images next to all the ocurrences of a particular name, so that you may recall easier who is the character the author was talking about. Check it out in my old website page.

Old MainPage


Web platform made with Django and using Bootstrap that worked like a marketplace for 3D printing. The users who wanted to print something and did not have a 3D printer, could easily find someone willing to print it for them, for a price. This way, a lot of money could be saved for those users who just needed to print something once in a while. Project was closed because of the lack of users.

Absolut Reader

An ebook reader fully of tools, such as the already mentioned Chaimager, for android, made using React Native. At the present (October 2021) the 1st version was released! Check out the main website of the project:

Main Page

DIY and science projects

Automated Radio Telescope and hydrogen line observation

With the main goal of colecting info from the hydrogen line and compute is spinning velocity, I built my own radio telescope. Thanks to motors, it moves by itself, covering the entire visible sky, everything controlled by computer. This way, collecting information is easy, and I can let it work all the night and collect the data in the morning! I joined a science contest with this project in High school (completely alone) and got a Honor mention. For more informations on the building process, visit the Instructables page. Check my report made with the data I collected as well.

Instructables page
PDF report
Article featured on rtl sdr website

Voice chess, a Chess Board With Voice Commands

For all people with incapabilities (or just for the lazy guys), this board allows to play chess without hands. Using google┬┤s funcionality that translates the voice to text, the commands of the movement are sent for the controller, that moves the pieces (and even remove them when they are killed) using a magnet. For more informations about the building, code, etc, check the Instructables page of the project. It was covered on medium.com, hackaday and tons of others websites!

Instructables page

Moving Phantom, to scare some people on Halloween.

When someone is walking next to it, a PIR triggers, making the light bulb to glow, and the arms to move. A "owowowow" sound is also produced using columns. Perfect to scare people at night, on a spot with lack of light, during halloween.

Instructables page

Tons of reddit bots

Some of them worth noting are: Sxtybot, with the purpose of removing any posts that are not a video with a specific lenght and send a message to the user who posted it. SummriZlor, with the goal of making a summary using the summry API from all the posts present in a specific subreddit. Flotbot, that picks the data from the requested soccer match in the fotmob website ands sends it to a reddit thread, thats is constantly being updated during the match.